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December 8, 2019

December 08, 2019

I went to GDG DevFest Osaka 2019. It is the event about technologies of Google. I knew some new things. One is Cloud Run. It is available to use serverless technology with container technology. I have heard it but never used it. I think studying the cloud container technology is must. I do think I must study it. The other I am interested is about installing Web app. I thought this theme is about PWA, but it included TWA and Web Bundles. I have never implemented them. I am interested about them. Also, I could know new things about PWA. navigator.getInstalledRelatedApps is new Web API. Developers use the API and can know if Native App was already installed. It is very useful. This page tells details more. I want to try them. I enjoyed the event and learned many things.

Masashi Hirano

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