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December 1, 2019

December 01, 2019

I joined JSConf JP Day2 as a staff. I was the receptionist today too. However, it was not busier than yersterday. Today I saw 2 sessions. One is ‘Self Volume of Web’ by Jxck. The other is ‘Points of random’ by Mariko Kosaka. The theme of Jxck’s talk was web’s future. It was so interesting. The theme of Mariko’s talk was relationship and community. I was so moved by the talk. I remembered the past. After all the session, all the attendees, staffs, speakers and sponsors have our photograph taken. We staff cleaned the place. And we go to the izakaya to drink and eat. Then, we went to karaoke where speakers had already been enjoying. We sang together. It was so lovely time.

Although I was exhausted, it was very fun. I want to join it next year and want to make it better. I love all JSConf JP staffs.

Masashi Hirano

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