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May 28, 2019

May 28, 2019

I got angry today. I have not been able to write code for some days. I told my boss that I want to refactor systems but I have to chores because I am the team leader that I don’t really want to be. Tomorrow I am going to do 1-on-1 interview with my boss. I will say that I want to quit the team leader.

BTW I have been reading the book the title of which is ‘Introduction to Algorithms’. It is difficult for me to understand its content. It is not good for beginners. I have never learned algorithms hard. I found the book that is said as soft ‘Introduction to Algorithms’. The title of it is ‘Algorithm Unlocked’. It is written by a co author of ‘Introduction to Alogorithms’. First, I will read the soft version. Then I will challenge to read ‘Introduction to Algorithms’

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