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May 16, 2019

May 16, 2019

I started writing diary to improve my writing skill in English. I use GatsbyJS for this diary. I will keep writing as long as possible. I will write once a week at least.

I have had a sore throat and a fever for three days. Also, I have been absent from working for three days. Today I am better than yesterday. So, I decided to create English diary with GatsbyJS. First, I built this site with gatsby-starter-lumen. However, gatsby-starter-lumen requires many meta data (title, date, template, draft, slug, category, tags, description) every article. It was annoying me. It can be solved, but I wanted to start as easy as I can.

So I decided to change and use gatsby-starter-blog. It requires few meta info. It requires title, date, description. It is fewer than gatsby-starter-lumen. However, I want to complete date and title automatically. If you know about it, please cantact me on twitter.

Masashi Hirano

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